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ArmadoraProduct #: 01000

The dwarves of Armadora are shaking in their mining boots, because the Orcs, Goblins, Wizards, and Elves have discovered their untold wealth, and are sending their troops to lay claim to the land and its treasures.

In this 2-4 player territory control game from designer Christwart Conrad, your objective is to steal the biggest portion of gold from the dwarven mines. Each player plays as one of the 4 classic fantasy archetypes (with optional special powers).

On your turn you will decide to either lay claim to a territory by placing one of your soldier tokens face down (to be revealed at the end of the game) OR you can decide to DIVIDE the territories with palisades to fence out your opponents.

At the end of the game, players flip up their tokens and whoever has the most strength in each territory wins that territory’s gold. The player with the most gold wins the game.

Ages: 8 to adult
2-4 players
30 minutes

64 Warrior Tokens (16 for each player)
4 Reinforcement Tokens
6 Special Power Tokens
40 Gold Cubes
35 Palisades
4 Game Screens
1 Game Board

USD$ 24.99

Zimbbos! - Elephantastic Pyramids!Product #: 00180

An all wooden stacking game that teaches colors and counting, Zimbbos is the perfect first game for little ones. Players take turns rolling the die to find out how many elephants to stack on the pyramid following numerical order. Roll a star to add a balancing bar or circus character. The player to place the 10th elephant on the pyramid without it tumbling down wins! Children develop dexterity and balance awareness while exploring their creativity with Zimbbos.

Check out more of Zimbbos!, an animal stacking game that children will love.

Game Facts:
- Ages 3 and Up
- 1 to 4 Players

- 10 Wooden Elephants
- 5 Wooden Jokers
- 3 Wooden Bars
- 1 Wooden Die
- Illustrated Rules

USD$ 27.99

ScarabyaProduct #: 07100

Scarabya is a tile-laying puzzle game, in which your goal is to score scarabs by positioning your tiles such that they create enclosed zones of 1 to 4 squares. Each scarab in an enclosed zone is worth a number of points equal to the number of squares in its zone. Players all play the same tiles, in order. Each turn, a new tile is drawn and all players simultaneously place their copy of the tile on their individual boards. The game is over after all 12 tiles have been drawn (and either placed or discarded). The player with the most points wins.

USD$ 32.99

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