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Dragon Run

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The dragon has awoken, now run for your lives!

In this press your luck, dungeon-crawling card game from Bruno Cathala, (Longhorn, Five Tribes, Shadows Over Camelot), players take control of one of seven unique adventurers (each with their own special powers), as you race to escape the wrath of the dragon!

Dragon Run is easy to learn and quick to play, and features BEAUTIFUL art from renowned illustrator Vincent Dutrait.

Each turn you will be given 3 options

1) Charge blindly: into a new room of the dungeon (that might contain treasure or might contain the dreaded DRAGON).

2) Sneak carefully: throw some treasure to distract the dragon, and try to hide yourself in the shadows to avoid his wrath.

3) Cry like a baby: stay where you are and surrender all your dignity (and some of your treasure) for the rest of the turn.

Eventually, the dragon will either lose interest in the chase, or burn you all to a crisp! Whoever escapes with the most treasure wins the game.

Ages: 8 to adult 2-5 players 15 minutes Contents: 10 Location Cards 28 Treasure Cards 1 ten-sided die 1 Dragon Tile 1 Dragon Token 7 Character Cards

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