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King's Gold

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Steal the King’s treasure and become the richest pirate at sea! The objective of King’s Gold is to earn the most coins byobtaining the best combinations of dice rolls. Each combination of dice results in a different type of action, either gaining or stealing gold coins. Three dice rolls are granted to each player on each turn; make sure to choose your dice wisely.

When landing on the combination of 1 Coin Die + 1 Canon Die you may take as many coins as indicated on the coin die, then leave the same amount for the King. 1 Coin Die and 1 Pirate Flag Die allows you to steal the amount of coins indicated from another player. More combinations are featured to play out your pirate fate. The different dice combinations keep the game exciting and competitive as players steal from the King and from their fellow pirates. The game finishes when all of the gold is gone from the box. The pirate with the most gold wins the game and is named the richest pirate on land and at sea.

Game Facts
• Ages 8 and up
• 2 to 6 Players

• 60 Coin Tokens
• 5 Pirate Dice
• Illustrated Rules

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