WuzzIts - The Fun Monster Match Up!

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Enter the wacky world of WuzzIts and watch to see what they morph into next! Clever choices and matching skills are rewarded in this charismatic card game.

The WuzzIt population is divided into five families with distinct habitats and features, but the mischievous WuzzIts like to mix-and-match with each other to create a confusing cast of characters. To unscramble them, players strategically exchange bottom cards and top cards to match up a monster and earn points. Playing is easy, but victory is tricky! Round up the most WuzzIts to win.

Learn more about this fun card game here!

Game Facts:
- Ages 6 to Adult
- 2 to 4 Players

- 62 Cards
- Illustrated Rules
- 4 Walls

Key Features:
  • The comically detailed WuzzIts capture the hearts of kids and parents!
  • Exercises counting and matching abilities, while developing social skills and strategic thinking.
  • A sweet and simple game that is perfect for family bonding time.

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